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Assessment Centers (BOOM)

An Assessment Center is not a place - it is a method of evaluating candidates using standardized techniques under controlled conditions. These techniques offer a more “real-life” flavor to the selection process. An Assessment Center, moreover, is a comprehensive evaluation approach that allows candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their behaviors in a number of different situations.

Assessment centers last from half a day to two days and sometimes longer. The types of activities ran at these assessment centers vary according to the employers.

BOOM assessment is scientifically designed assessment tool developed after years of research. 

BOOM certified assessors would measure candidates against a series of behaviors, which translate into competencies. Each activity has been carefully designed to assess one or more behaviors. It is also worth remembering that BOOM assessment aims at assessing one’s behavioral parameters and not against other candidates.

Unlike the normal assessment center, which relies on assessor’s judgment, BOOM assessors use measurable parameters based on activities where candidates themself generate points for the activity they had completed.  These points are complied and then fed into software, which compares with the norms based on age, experience, job profile industry etc. Therefore when conducted by different assessors at different locations, the scores generated are not at assessor’s judgment or discretion. The reliability of the report is much more robust, as it eliminates subjectivity in assessing an individual.


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