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Pallavi Chouksey

Pallavi is an alumna of National Law Institute University, Bhopal and graduated with specializing in human rights. She has been practicing as a lawyer for 12 years in consumer related matters pertaining to products and services. She has done mediation in legal matters offered by courts to people. She is an enthusiastic mediator and advocates it for India, considering the over burden on Judiciary system.

Pallavi has been a part of team, which has disposed off maximum number of pro-bono consumer cases setting records. She specializes in people management and negotiations. 

In 2013, she started a business via franchisee dealing in higher education of children, career and psychometric counseling.

For the past few years, she is a corporate consultant and helps in setting up processes relating with people and cyber laws.

She has always been engrossed in working for various social causes. While practicing as a lawyer, she was also absorbed in activities related to educating children and blood donation camps with an NGO Study Circle.