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N.Karthi Raj

He is a Sales & marketing professional with over 20 years of experience with Telecom and FMCG companies. He has worked with leading MNC companies like Glaxo (Family Products Division), ITC agro Tech Ltd, LG household & Healthcare, Spice Telecom and Idea Cellular Ltd.

In his last role as Head of Marketing with Idea Cellular, Karnataka (Aditya Birla Group Company) and is known for his hands-on approach and swift decision making skills. He believes in empowering managers and drives accountability in the entire system. His high sense of revenue focus and business strategies has helped various companies in building strong and robust financial models.

With years of sales experience, he has mentored and modeled hundreds of sales staff and his "on job training practice" has helped many to take up higher positions in their career. He has the experience of handling large team with diverse product focus, and is known to revamp various distribution models, which helped companies turn around in terms of profits.

During his tenure in LG house hold & Health care he was instrumental in setting up business in Karnataka right from recruitment to setting up distribution and channel partners and profitability.

In his current assignment, Karthi helps organization in developing strong sales and distribution models and facilitates workshops on effective business development and profitability.

He is a post graduate in management from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India and is a graduate in Statistic. His passion for flying and outdoor adventure has keenly pursues aero modeling. Besides, he is a hard core biker and rides regularly to fuel his passion.